Warning Signs-Suboxone….?

Question by MeghanJoy: Warning Signs-Suboxone….?
My boyfriend has suboxone strips, he cooks them in a spoon and has been injecting them in his arm for quite sometime now,,,,,this morning he said he is deciding to take it under his tongue ( as he is supposed to in the first place) will this make a huge difference in the way he feels and what warning signs to look for, thanks for all your help, if anyone has any knowledge.

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Answer by Chris
It will take longer for him to feel the suboxone as he is not injecting right into his blood stream. I always thought that one can’t inject suboxone as there was some kind agents that prevent it some how. Maybe I got it mix up with another drug. He will perhaps feel symptoms of withdrawal, as he is not injecting it in anymore.

Answer by Catherine
First of all, congratulations to your boyfriend for quitting the shooting up ritual, that’s a tough thing to quit!

I only have experience with the six-sided pills, not the strips, but I’ll answer with the understanding that I have. After he takes the first dose under his tongue he should know within the hour if he is experiencing any withdrawl symptoms. If he is it’s ok to take a portion of another strip (cut it in half or thirds). In the event that his perscription is not enough to get him through, it’s very normal for people using subs to ask there doctor to up the mg. amount they take every day because it’s an opiate and so the rules of tolerance apply.

If this is his first time taking it under the tongue, and forgive me if this is more information then you are looking for, it’s good to give him a little space while it dissolves so he doesn’t talk (which would cause “lost” medicine) and also as a way for him to replace the shooting up ritual. Best of luck!

According to suboxone.com under the “medication guide” section, it says
•Do not inject (“shoot-up”) SUBOXONE
—Injecting this medicine may cause life-threatening infections
and other serious health problems.
—Injecting SUBOXONE may cause serious withdrawal symptoms
such as pain, cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety, sleep
problems, and craving

So, he’s better off and will have fewer withdrawl symptoms if he uses it correctly.

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