How Do I Find Elderly Financial Assistance?

Question by Margaret: How do I find Elderly Financial Assistance?
Here is my story:

18 months ago my uncle moved in with my Grandma to “help” her. She had heart surgery last year and is waiting 1 year from it to get the knee and hip surgery. Her knee and hip hurt her when she walks around but not when she lays. My uncle has a problem with abusing prescription drugs. This is just one of my uncle’s problems. He is not all bad but I fear mostly. Anyway, with him being her “provider”, from what I hear, all they did was lay around and watch TV. He got my Gram prescribed oxycodone and methadone. My Gram is 72 and, in my eyes, there is NO reason for her to have these drugs. I was told by my uncle and Gram that she didn’t take them much but even a little is not healthy for her.

About a month ago, my uncle moved, therefore Gram went to stay with (her daughter) my aunt. (Mind you I live in a different state but am currently staying with my Gram) My aunt, her husband, and a different uncle say she was going through withdrawals within 2 days of my uncle moving. About 2 weeks later she was so sick that they took her to the hospital. That’s when they found the pneumonia. As far as I know, pneumonia was not why she went to the hospital. I got a phone call a few day after her being in the hospital saying they put a tube down her throat, I think because of oxygen. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks total. I found out later that the pneumonia must have been found late if they needed to use a tube on her. Now she is home and she is on medicare part D but, because of my selfish uncle, she is in the donut hole.

Also, I fear he got her hooked on opiates but she doesn’t know or is in denial. Either way, she is not taking them now and hasn’t been regularly for over a month. I don’t know if my uncle has slipped her something in the last week without anyone knowing but it hasn’t seemed like it. It helps that my cousin works in a pharmacy and has explained to Gram that certain drugs counteract/have dangerous effects with others. Finally, today after my cousin stopped by, I heard my Gram tell my uncle she wasn’t going to take anything that wasn’t on her discharge list.(The 2 in question are not) My family has decided that if my uncle is around they can’t give my Gram any money because it will go to my uncle. He is 47 and needs to provide for himself and not use people. My Gram gets about $ 730 a month for SS and that’s it.

I’m not quite sure what I’m asking you here but I need to help my Gram be able to live without him. I have a job in a different state waiting for me but down here, taking care of my Gram is my full time job. Thank God my Gram’s sister is here too. My aunt is working on moving Gram in with her but my uncle has filled Gram’s head with anger and negativity. My aunt says 2 months and she’s make it work if Gram agrees, but until then, what do I do? Can you help me help my Gram help herself?


Best answer:

Answer by Diane M
Your uncle appears to be guilty of elder abuse. Call your local Area Agency on Aging and request a case manager. They will help you to find ways to get help with the medication costs and also to find resources to care for your Gran.

Answer by nanny
There should be some help available through the state medicaid program. Explain the situation and they should be able to get someone on it quickly. Then she can qualify for home health assistance, drug assistance and home care. They could also begin an investigation into your uncle’s involvement with her and the drugs.