From the Editor's Desk

From the Editor's desk
Over 10 years ago, the College produced a multi-agency best practice guide on treating coexisting mental illness and drug addiction.1 Updated guidance is needed given that there is now more research evidence and that substance misuse treatment is now …
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Candidate admitted negligence in medical practice
“What we need to focus on are the issues and who is the best person to represent the people of Franklin County in District 4,” the incumbent said. … Patient B was treated from Sept. 4, 2002, to Nov. 14, 2007, and the Misconduct Office said Sherwin …
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Gabor Maté: A letter to Rona Ambrose, Canada's "minister of disease"?
The doctors did not seek such authorization because they wish to promote drug use but because clinical practice and scientific evidence have shown that the provision of this opiate is beneficial in some cases. Your reported comments were that there are …