Methadone and Pho

Methadone and pho
Some are here to attend a detox program, while others are on drug-replacement therapy, in which a longer-acting but less euphoric opioid such as methadone or Suboxone is substituted for heroin. A doctor comes in four days a week to oversee treatment …
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Longtime Community Health Center CEO bids farewell
“I answered a job posting to lead the methadone treatment program and the next thing I knew 34 years passed by,” said Ziegler, who is retiring from CHC today. “It has been a remarkably satisfying and very challenging career,” he said. Akron-based …
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— Breaking Good As police battle the spread of heroin, one woman battles a
She stumbled into heroin when she couldn't find a tablet of Percocet to ward off her symptoms of withdrawal from the prescription painkiller. Puncture marks on the tops of her hands and along the length of her arms bear evidence ….. With LEAD, a …
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