How Can Someone Quit Heroine for Good?

Question by crankystar: How can someone quit heroine for good?
My sister was a heroine user for about 5 years. She is now taking a substitute called “Subutex”. But it seems that people who use the substitue drug are ‘stuck’ with it. How can someone truly let go of the drug?? I am aware that many rehab facilities are there to help people, but in France, like anywhere else I guess, it can be pretty expensive to enter a private facility. If you want to enter other ‘free’ facilities, there is a waiting list, and there is absolutely NO guarantee that you will be accepted for treatment. Can anyone suggest a step-by-step sort of program? Guidelines? Advice? A book dealing on a specific step-by-step program? Please do not tell me to send her to a rehab center. I am currently looking at a center that would be free of charge to her, but in case she is not accepted, I need to know what we could do to help her by ourselves. I thank all my fellow yahoo users in advance for any useful tips and help.
PS: I want my sister to get out of it, as much as she wants it. She is highly motivated.
What are the 12 steps of the program designed to help NA or AA?

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i dont think tricks work….

addiction will be a life long battle for ur sister… she will always be an addict, just hopefully a recovering/recovered addict….

talk 2 other ppl with similiar problems, same methods as AA typically work, go 2 NA meetings check it out, gl

Answer by [email protected]
I hate to say this, but coming off any drug takes an awful lot of willpower, and without that she will never manage. She also needs help obviously as it can be very painful, but willpower will get her through in the end. If she doesn’t want to come off the drug, then she won’t. Look in for books on drug addiction, I’m sure you’ll find something that might help there.