Heroin Was Thought to Be a “Cure” for Morphine Addition.?

Question by alex: Heroin was thought to be a “cure” for morphine addition.?
Heroin was thought to be a “cure” for morphine addition. Methadone is given to heroin addicts to help them control their drug use. Using the readings and your knowledge, what is your opinion about the use of drugs to get people off of drugs. How is it that our “solutions” cause new problems? Discuss the “new” epidemic of opiod pain killer addiction.

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Answer by thenoseknows
Follow the links through the Vitamin C Foundation website for how to cure drug addictions with high dose vitamin C.
Really, stop trying to get other people to do your homework for you.

Answer by Gruffice
And it only happened to get people “even more addicted” to opiates.

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