Does Kratom (Mitrogyna Speciosa) Work Well for Oxycontin Withdrawals?

Question by Adam M: Does Kratom (mitrogyna speciosa) work well for Oxycontin withdrawals?
Hey guys I am about to enter horrible Oxycontin withdrawals, as I am finally ready to quit. Basically, due to a horrible back injury, I have been using around 480 mgs a day for around 2 years and I am looking for a natural remedy to help ease the pain of withdrawals. I have heard OK things about Kratom for withdrawals, but nothing else really. If you guys know of any other natural remedies that might help, I would appreciate your suggestions, as well as your knowledge or experiences with Kratom. Please no advising the use of “Methadone” or “Suboxone” or any drugs as maintenance therapy. I am not looking to replace one addiction with another, especially not another pharmaceutical dependency. Thanks in advance everyone!

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Answer by James
yes it does

Answer by John Doe
Suboxone really works well, with no noticeable effect psychologically.

But, cut down, very gradually. The withdrawals are worse than heroin and the bathroom will be where you reside for at least a week but up to a month and withdrawals sometimes don’t fully hit until a couple days so that first day may seem not that bad but it can creep up.

However, success depends on you? You will feel much more at ease with letting everyone close know the truth because they are aware something is up even if you don’t believe it. Think of the things you’ve done while on it or coming off it. You know, if you’re anything like me. It’s like a weight coming off just getting in the open but not anyone who is not very close.

Ditch anyone who uses opiates because you will eventually fall back into some opiate, synthetic or natural and will likely be back where you started.

I would check into a psych ward for detox. It’s the easiest way from my perspective. Doctor’s will help. Don’t lie. You cannot, in any way become legally pursued while talking to a doctor. Your information and doctor visits are confidental and the doctor cannot give your information to anyone without your consent, provided you are at least 18, in which case you and your guardians will both have access in which case a heads up beforehand would be best.

I don’t care what people say about AA or NA or whatever. You are not powerless. And you don’t think you want to spend your time addicted to talking about your addiction or becoming a chain smoking caffeine addict. My opinion is that lifestyle changes make the transition easiest. Get around people who don’t use drugs and don’t get to into your past because you have to have been there yourself to understand it. People get freaked sometimes about opiate users like it’s a disease that cannot be controlled, only maintained like you have HIV or something. Not that you do, I just thought the comparison between a pyschological problem and a physiological disease would allow for a better understanding of what I mean.

Good luck! It’s doable. Will power, and non drug using friends is the easiest method I can think of long term. If your group does not condone it, then being a user leaves you ostracized and unable to be a part of the group. Only a person on the edge who is talked about and not trusted. It’s a harsh truth but you’re headed to the hospital, the morgue, or jail if you keep it up.

If you stop, you can live without needing a drug to feel something chemically based and not real. It’s not the world you lived in before because the drugs have probably permanently changed perception but use it in a good way and don’t gloat because I found opiate addiction gives people bad reps.