Can Anyone Tell Me How Long the Drug Subutex Stays in Your System?

Question by Doug B: can anyone tell me how long the drug subutex stays in your system?

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Answer by Johnny Z
30 days or less…

Answer by ForbiddenPoet
Suboxone is a long-lasting partial opiod agonist. Compared to a full-agonist, such as heroin or methadone, suboxone behaves very differently. It is a very potent chemical, and in therapeutic use its ceiling dose is 32mgs. The suboxone has an extremely high ‘affinity’ for the brain’s opiod receptors, moreso than heroin. Because of this, the suboxone will override heroin.
Most people report needing to wait 12 hours (at the extreme low-end) all the way up to when withdrawals begin, somewhere between 30 and 72 hours. For an individual stabilized on their dose of suboxone, 24-36 hours appears to be a suitable length of time to “shoot through the suboxone.”

suboxone has a 50% half life. Meaning if you take 8mg today, you will have 4 mg left in your system in 24 hours. The next day will be 2mg and the next day 1mg. Day five you will have nothing in your system, However I would not recomend this rapid detox, unless your motives are messed up. If you or anybody else wants info from the maker of suboxone or subutex, call the SUBOXONE HELP LINE @ 877-782-6966, M-F 8am-8pm. They truly are helpful