Arthritis Pain in Knees?

Question by 20mg: Arthritis pain in Knees?
What medication works best in bring you good pain releife?

I’m currently on Ultram ER 200mg and Fentynal patch 12mcg.

I really don’t like the patch because of the risks involved.
Yes I am in pain all the time. I hurt so bad I don’t even want to walk and my knees give out on me all the time.

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Answer by Mom knows Best

Are you getting pains in knees all the times OR only when you are trying to bend down or sitting / standing up?

To reduce knee pains, pour hot water on your knees while taking bath. If possible, go to swimming (classes). These are the tips my PCP told me to reduce the pains. Use “Bengay” OR “Icy Hotpatch” to relieve the pains. They are OK. I use them when i could not bear pains.

With RA, it is very painful to do all those things which normal people do. Try not to walk much. Exercise worsens the pains.

I am not aware of “Ultram ER 200mg”.

Answer by DeltaQueen
Hi there,
I can honestly tell you that i know exactly how you feel.
I am a Pain Management patient now for OA in every joint except for elbows, I also have DDD and DJD.

The Ultram/Tramadol that you are taking is probably meant to boost the patch that you are using. Personally I have never had luck with the any patch. I’m surprised that you aren’t on any NASID’s at all, that is very unusual for an Arthritis patient.
If you don’t have any heart issues, I suggest that you give something in that line a try, along with pain medication. I personally have the best luck with Celebrex. I have tried several others such as Naproxen, Mobic, etc. but Celebrex is the only one that I noticed a difference with.

Now pain wise, I suggest that when you are deciding what pain medications are best for you, you look at the fact that you will likely be on pain medications of some sort for the rest of your life when you have Chronic Arthritis, and make your choices from there.
I myself did alot of research, soul searching and praying before deciding what to take. Keep in mind that I have a couple more chronic issues that I am dealing with, but the pain levels of yours can get pretty high. I made the decison to
take Methadone for my pain. Reasons being that with Methadone I can start on a very low dose and still get pain relief, since it build up i can remain on low doses longer than with something such as Oxycontin. With Methadone I don’t feel “high” all of the time and I can safely take “break through” pain medication if I need it. Any medication at this stage of the game is physically addicting and detoxing will be a big challenge, if I ever would be blessed enough to come off of pain medication. I don’t see that happening anytime soon, so I figure that with everything I’ve been through, I will just have to add detox to the list if need be and also I know that I can detox safely with my doctors assistance if i chose to.

I hope this helped, because I know you are ready to find something that works well for you. Good luck and I wish you
the best!! {:D