Addicts Seeking Helpfor Drug Abuse on Rise – Kennebec Journal

Methadone Detox: Addicts seeking helpfor drug abuse on rise – Kennebec Journal
Detox, the process of breaking the body’s acute dependence … “We get a lot of women who come in here pretty damaged from having to do that,” said Blake. Methadone clinics The clinic that Blake supervises is one of eight in the state that …
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Methadone Detox: Maine corrections staff struggle with painkiller addicts – CorrectionsOne
We are the state’s largest detox center,” Ross said … The Penobscot County Jail is one of the Maine jails that provide methadone to inmates as a way to wean them off their pain-pill addictions in the first two weeks of incarceration.
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Methadone Detox: Harper Tories endorse heroin research project – Globe and Mail
A small number of addicts enrolled in the earlier NAOMI trial were given the legal opiate, rather than heroin or methadone. Researchers were surprised … and I made a conscious decision to try detox. I failed at first, but about three years ago, finally …
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