Legislators Are Trying to Ban a Dangerous New Painkiller Approved by the FDA

Legislators Are Trying To Ban A Dangerous New Painkiller Approved By The FDA
Va., has introduced a bill that would withdraw the FDA's approval of Zohydro. … In a statement to Reuters, Zogenix said the Massachusetts ban "only serves to unfairly restrict patient access" and will "add to patient suffering in the state." Zogenix …
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Approval of drug is long overdue
Narcon sends the victim into immediate withdrawal and reverses the effects of the drug by helping the person regain ability to breathe. Paramedics can administer a dose within two to four minutes of arriving on the scene. It is that simple. There are …
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'Unprecedented': Legislators Are Trying To Ban A Dangerous New Painkiller
Zohydro is being marketed as a way to treat chronic pain. The pills pack a dose of hydrocodone that's five to 10 times higher than Vicodin, and experts worry that the drug could be deadly and lead to another spike in opioid addiction. Hydrocodone has …
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