Experts: 'Killer Heroin' May Be Something Else

Experts: 'killer heroin' may be something else
The body builds a tolerance to opiates, meaning that, over time, it takes larger amounts of the drug to achieve a high or prevent painful withdrawal symptoms. Once an opiate user starts injecting heroin, the addiction accelerates, said Ellen Unterwald, …
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Heroin addicts face barriers to treatment
The doctors shook their heads: Heroin withdrawal is not life-threatening, they said, and we can't admit you. Doctors gave him an IV … But it is so horrible — users sweat, feel like their bones are breaking and get the chills and shakes, and fluids …
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Pennsylvania to roll out opioid prescribing guidelines for doctors
Doctors should also be advised to re-evaluate a treatment plan once a patient's prescription reaches a certain threshold of opiate use, said Dr. David Talenti, vice chairman of the Pennsylvania Medical Society's Board of Trustees. Ohio's guidelines …