How Can I Trust Him Again?Can I Do It With Out Him?

Question by Ashley F: how can i trust him again?Can I do it with out him?
ok i wrote in last night and got alot of good answers about catching my hubby doing cocaine again. selling and using. a mutual friend told me. i will repeat that in out past we were both bad on every drug. 14 moths ago we got into a local methadone treatment center and i havent relapsed onced and thought the same for him. we been together 5 years and have a 3 kids. one single and one set of twins. so..after i confronted him, he admitted to shooting cocaine onced behind my back. i do believe thats true. but he also admitted to selling it alot behind my back in the last month.i dont kno what to do. he says he does it to make $ for “us” which is true. and i have to say hes the greatest father to our kids. he couldnt be better. but im stuck.i cant even trust him to go to the market alone fearing he will use again. he promised he wouldnt.He does have good intentions, but i still dont know. he was hiding it from me and i had to find out on my own. WHAT SHOULD BE my next step?im so upset

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Answer by teritaur
you are enabling him. Its time to not support him or even allow him to think this is okay Go to AlAnon meetings It’s the group for people and family of addicts and alcoholics.

Answer by Liz
Your next step should be to call Youth Services or whatever it’s called in your neck of the woods and ask that your kids be put in foster care.
The fact that you would call an addict and a drug dealer “the greatest father” shows that you are an unfit mother. Do the right thing by your kids and don’t condemn them to having to grow up around either of you.