LePage Relents a Bit on Lifesaving Heroin Overdose Antidote

LePage relents a bit on lifesaving heroin overdose antidote
Supporters of the proposal say naloxone can save lives and give addicts a chance to get into treatment. LePage … Portland firefighters have carried Narcan on all fire trucks and ambulances since 2002, when there was a surge in methadone overdose deaths.
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Big Cuts Could Come to Drug Treatment
They've seen a 300 percent increase in admissions for heroin and significant increases in overdose deaths and ER overdoses. The cuts in methadone treatment would be greater than 25 percent. Bruce Angleman at the center says not only would they have to …
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Roseville woman trying to overcome 10-year heroin addiction
“I overdosed the first time I snorted,” the Roseville woman, 35, said of an incident in 2003 or 2004. Despite a hospital visit and a couple of other overdoses, … She said she has known more than 10 heroin addicts who have died from overdoses, and …
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Palm Beach County judge considers bail for ex-doctor charged with patient
The case began last July with the major indictment of a former Palm Beach County doctor charged with first-degree murder for the overdose deaths of two patients, and 89 other felony drug crimes. But state … He also pleaded for a more reasonable bail …
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