How Dangerous Is It to Quit Oxycodone 30 Mg When You Are Shooting 15-18 Per Day?

Question by blondie_blue1111: How dangerous is it to quit oxycodone 30 mg when you are shooting 15-18 per day?
I just detoxed from oxycodone, shooting 15-18 per day intraveneously. I tried to do it myself, but ended up in hospital. then detox center. Could I have died from this had I not sought medical help?

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Answer by Eileen
Certainly you could have died. You were shooting oxycodone? Glad to hear you went to rehab….Thats a giand step….thank God you sought medical help.

hang in there…people care…


Answer by John Q Public
It is rare to die from opiate withdrawal, but not unheard of. It’s not nearly as common as death from alcohol, benzo, or barbiturate withdrawal.

Opiate withdrawal excites the CNS and raises blood pressure immensely. A person withdrawing from large amounts of opiates can have a heart attack, stroke, or seizure.

I myself was a long-term heroin and pharmaceutical user, using the equivalent of 1g morphine IV daily. I could not detox cold turkey; I got on a drug called Suboxone, used to taper-detox or maintain addicts. It’s like methadone, but you get a prescription from the doctor and don’t have to go to the clinic every day. It’s not as good at relieving withdrawal symptoms and cravings, but does a fair job.

Buprenorphine, the active constituent of suboxone, is a mixed agonist-antagonist (this means there is a “ceiling effect” above which more drug will not cause increased effects). It is 40x as potent as morphine, with a half life of 12-70 hours. The ceiling effect is exhibited around 8mg = 320mg of morphine, by mouth, around the clock. If your tolerance is higher than this, you will experience mild withdrawal while your tolerance decreases to this point. If the doctor puts you on a higher dose than 8mg, it will not reduce w/d any more than 8mg will – but it will block you from getting high, or pain relief if you were in say, a car wreck – much better.

8mg is as good as 24mg as keeping you out of withdrawal. But 24mg is far superior at blocking all other opiates from having any effect.

Remember, when your tolerance is decreasing, you’re in withdrawal. When you get high, your tolerance is increasing.

Rehab is a good first step.

Take AA with a grain of salt; many people come out of it loopy, and it shows all the signs of cult religion. Google “The Orange Papers” for the history of AA..