Has Anyone Ever Participated in What Is Called: “Rapid Detox” ?

Question by Beachgirl: Has Anyone Ever Participated in What Is Called: “Rapid Detox” ?
I have read many articles regarding information about Opioid Rapid Detoxification where a patient who is seemingly, hopelessly addicted to opiates, including methadone and heroin, can be detoxed in a matter of hours under general anesthesia. I’ve also “heard” that it is an easier, softer way to detox for long time drug abusers who have used many other detoxification methods to no avail and always returned to drugs due to the detox process being so unpleasant. I’m not quite sure how the process works but am interested in finding out more about this treatment. I volunteer for a medical facility that helps addicts and have been asked about this many times. Any information would be appreciated.

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Answer by patticharron
I’ve written a couple of articles on it.

You probably know that detoxing the body is one thing. Recovery is another. There is a feeling that an addict benefits from working through detox and being aware of the painful process. Recovery is not easy and detox probably shouldn’t be.

This article is interesting. Good “opioid rapid detox” and you’ll find a number of articles on the subject. Most are not supportive.


Answer by abacaxitoo
“Subjects who were in the group that had anesthesia experienced serious life-threatening adverse effects but did no better than subjects in other study groups in treatment retention or withdrawal symptoms.”

Sounds like an idea that may have worked in the early trials (only 20 patients!) didn’t survive when applied to the general addict population.

What I haven’t found is any research on long-term effectiveness … how many people are still clean a year later, and 5 years later.